Guide: Game Tips

Common Questions

Q: How do I add an organism?

A: Click on the photo of the organism and then click on the ecosystem.

Q: How can I add multiple organisms of the same species at once?

A: Hold the shift key while selecting a species and then click on the ecosystem. Let go of the shift key to go back to single purchases.

Q: Why is my score going down?

A: As organisms die or eaten, the ecosystem may become less complex; therefore the score will go down.

Q: What is total score?

A: Total score is the sum of all scores at the end of each day. Every time the day ends, the current score is added to the old score.

Q: How do I get more credits?

A: As time progresses, you will receive more credits. Some mini games award you credits if you do well. If you run out of credits, you must wait for more credits to be allocated or play an appropriate mini game.

Q: Which species add the most points to my score?

A: Species with higher biomass provide higher scores.